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Nurturing Your LinkedIn Network | Job Search Radio

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers ways to nurture your network on LinkedIn.


Most of the time when I talk about networking I talk about in person networking and how important that is. LinkedIn, of course, is critical for networking, too. It should be the primary place to spend your time for networking, but it should be a significant place that you spent networking.

When you network on LinkedIn, there are a few ways to do it. You have people that you are already connected to-- post status updates so that they wind up seeing them. Create video, podcasts, you can write articles using the LinkedIn publishing platform.

Let me go one by one.

Status updates. It gives them information about you and what you think. Don't treat It like Facebook. Do professional status updates.

Join groups. Instead of being argumentative in groups as you might on Facebook about different things, like people's comments. Most polite responses that and on 2 things people say. If you disagree with the comment, no arguments. Politely offered difference of opinion and go from there. Learn from other people and you will start making connections.

Writing for LinkedIn. In the status update area. There is a clearly marked box that says, "Right and Article." Blog to LinkedIn. When you are offered the opportunity to share your article,, share it to twitter. Share it to Google+. Sure at 1st your contacts on LinkedIn and then pause. Later that same day, share to the public on LinkedIn. Notice the comments that you get. The likes that you. At the end of the article, offer a way that people can get in touch with you and encourage them to connect with you on LinkedIn and give them a link to your LinkedIn profile. You'll find that people will start connecting to you and following you on LinkedIn. That's what you really want to start having happened. When they start commenting on your article, give them a like and the response. Polite! Professional. Courteous. No ridiculous arguing like you might on Facebook. No hard comments. You can be direct, but nothing argumentative. From there, later that same day and for a few days afterwards. share it with the public as well. Why? Because not everyone will see it the 1st time or even the 2nd time. Don't do with your connections, just with the public. With your connections, they have it in their inbox.. So don't worry about.

With the public, they are not going to see it all the time.. She wanted to come out in pulse a few times and that will give them an opportunity to see it.

Start working with building your network on LinkedIn and once you find this job, don't let up. Continue to do this and make it part of your routine. As I've said many times, the next recession is coming. I don't know when but there was going to be another recession. You're going to need to have your network know you and be willing to support you. This is how you start building those relationships or continue to foster relationships that will serve you for many years to come.

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