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Frustrated? Call Yourself, “The Colonel” (VIDEO)

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter shares a story to help you cope with frustration while job hunting.


There was once a guy who owned the gas station. He lived in the South and was trying to make money at the gas station, he used to sell chicken to people. He was in his mid-60s and then thought the may be selling chicken would be more interesting to himself and his family than selling gas was. He start the branch out from just selling at the gas station and start the knock on doors to try to get someone to buy his formula or buyers idea.

He knocked on over a thousand doors before someone eventually responded favorably to him. From that can Col. Sanders.

You are dealing with 1 or 2 instances of disappointment. Col. Sanders got turned down over 1000 times and didn't quit. You can't quit either. You have a reason that you want to change jobs? You have a reason why you want a job.

Yes, there are times in job hunting that are frustrating. However, you have to just keep going. You have to keep trying. If you quit, all that happens is that you live with doubt, you live with the pain and live with the disappointment.

Call yourself the Col. as a reminder! I think you may enjoy that story as a way of staying upbeat and motivated knowing that at the end of the day if you demonstrate perseverance, you will ultimately get the prize that you are looking for,

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