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Connecting with the Interviewer (VIDEO)

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses connecting with an interviewer.



One of the classic pieces of job hunting advice Is to make a connection with the interviewer. That doesn't mean you talk about your respective tennis games, even if that is something on their LinkedIn profile that's something that you can file a way to talk about in the course of the interview IF IT COMES UP. What it really means is how you interact with this person. How do you talk with them as an equal, not as though they are a superior and you are an inferior.

That's the whole game plan – – to be relaxed and calm with this individual as a peer would be, as a friend would be. I'm not saying crack jokes throughout. The idea to talk with them as an equal Is pivotal for you to demonstrate that way of connecting with them.

At the end of the day, you may not get hired because you don't have the skills that they are looking for. That's fine. When there is a tiebreaker, what they are looking for is that connection.. When looking for that tiebreaker, they want to see someone who they like being with. Someone who they can trust. That's what the connection really allows them to do. It allows them to feel comfortable with you so they have a choice between you and the shy one with equal skills, they will pick you each time.

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