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Breaking It All Down

Breaking It All Down (VIDEO)

As I stared at a number of questions I could answer today, they all boiled down to one or two things.



I was looking at some questions that were sent to me recently. Some were about job search. Some more about leadership. I realize that so much of what I'm being asked Can really be dissected into a very simple question..

People ask me how can they should handle a particular scenario. Often as I try to examine their question, it boils down to, "What should I say?"

"I don't know what to say when someone asks me…"

"I don't know what to say when this happens."

When you start to break things down that simply The advice that I offer is often very common sense. However, at the moment the event occurs, at the moment that the question is asked, people freeze. They are stuck. That may be a bit extreme. They may just be wondering what is the right thing to answer.

The right thing to answer is what suits your interest. Are you trying to live your life trying to please other people?

You may think to yourself that you have to go through this hoop in order for people to hire you. Let me interrupt you for a moment. When you did did you decide to abdicate your life to some corporate entity?

When did you sell out your business for other people to tell you what you should be doing? , it tells me you're probably not very happy doing what you're doing in the way that you're doing It.

The 1st step is really pulling yourself together and figuring out what serves you. Once you understand that you can serve people better. Your goal is to NOT abdicate yourself to others. All that will happen is that you will become miserable and resentful. You are part of the equation, too.

Let me repeat that. You are part of the equation, too. If it doesn't work for you, long term, it won't work for others. I remember when I was in psychoanalytic Institute training, I remember the man who taught the classes saying that a therapist had to earn a good fee In order to be there to help the patient..

You need to be doing work and compensated at a level well enough In order to be there for your clients, For your company, for your boss, for everyone. If you are not going to be compensated well enough, it is time to move on. Someone else will pay you better.

If it is an issue of the work, find a place that will give you the kind of work that you will enjoy. Don't like it? Go into business for yourself.. It's not that hard these days. You can start a side hustle, doing things on the side that you think will interest you As an experiment to see if they actually well. You don't have to give up your day job; you put investment of extra hours, off hours in order to check something out. If you like the work, take the leap.

So this all starts with breaking it down--Breaking it down to what the real issues are. Time and again when I see the main issue is, "I don't know what to say." However, the truth is you do. You do know what to do. It's scary to take that 1st step and it doesn't really have to be.

Tell your mind to take a day off. Go experiment.


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