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They Display Courage

Secrets of Successful People: They Display Courage (VIDEO)

Another video in my series about the secrets of successful people.


I think most of us have been conditioned to a variety of different inputs, whether that has been media, movies, whatever it is to think of courage as being that big dramatic display that involves guns blazing all over the place and lots of drama. In fact, courage for most of us is stepping out of our comfort zone and doesn't really require big dramatic action. It just involves moving the dialogue bit, moving the needle from where you are right now a little bit and then a little bit and then a little bit more.

Then when you start noticing that the needle has been moved 3 inches, it may through its designer for elasticity tried to yank you back. The goal here is to recognize that successful people display the courage of knowing the direction they want to go to and starting to take small incremental actions, instead of sitting there and waiting for events to dictate to them. They try to make the changes necessary.

Again, this doesn't require a lot of dramatic movement. It does require effort and evaluation to see whether this has moved the needle a little bit. You see, it's not just the one motion because if you think about the one movement in a new direction, invariably circumstances and the people, places and things around us are going to try to tug us back to where we were before. That's because they don't like us to change. They want the comfort of knowing how things are and will be.

Successful people do things differently. They often make small incremental change that, with time, become huge changes that catapult their lives in new directions. Let me use myself as an example.

I worked in one profession for a long long time and decided I was going to to go to graduate school to become a therapist in private practice. I was going for my Masters, and eventually I got it. I met my wife in graduate school and made a different decision. It was the right decision, too. Now, years later, I again decide to make a change and chose coaching as my model. I took the time and made the effort to learn the craft. I'm not going to say I'm as good as someone with 20 years of experience. I'm a darn good coach. It's the practice and the repetition and the learning that takes place over the course of time that allows someone to become different.

The same thing can happen for you, too. You can occur in your career like I've chosen to work on, or in some other aspect of your life. Weight loss with me has always been a challenge. Last August, I start the process of losing weight and have lost about 30 pounds and he has taken changes, effort, desire, and doing it over the course of time to make this change.

That's what I'm encouraging for you-- small changes that will move the dial over the course of time and allow you to become more effective and get more of the life that you want.

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