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How Do You Apply a Blue Ocean Strategy to Job Hunting? (VIDEO)

“I like the concept and I would like to find my “blue ocean” when it comes to find a remarkable job. Any thoughts or real life example?”



The question for today is, "How do you apply a blue of the to job hunting?" The question goes on to comment, "I like the concept and want to find my blue ocean in a new job. Any thoughts or real life examples?"

Let's start by defining what a Blue Ocean strategy is. A blue ocean is about not being in competitive waters but being in new territory-- carving out a unique territory for yourself, your product, your services where you can charge a premium for them by creating greater value. So go back in time and you are creating Facebook and there are no concepts of social networks at that time and thus you are creating a market for service that now looks like a unique value proposition circa The Stone Ages.

How can you apply this to job hunting? The answer is that you really can't. That's because if you're applying for a job, by definition, it has already been defined. A blue of the starts off with the premise that you are NOT in a competitive situation but are creating a noncompetitive one where you are unique. Where you stand out from all others. Where you can create a unique value for what you have to offer.

So what can you do to bring this concept into fruition? I don't think you have to walk away from the notion of building a career around the concept of the blue Ocean strategy; I think fundamentally what you have to do is look at it a little bit differently. You cannot think of it in the concept of a job unless you are being hired to run a function where firm is hiring you to create something unique. That's really it.

As an employee of an organization that sees a personal vision that you have and is willing to bring that into that organization.

The other way, frankly, is to be a consultant who specializes in this unique fundamental thing that will allow you to differentiate yourself from all others. I don't presume to know your area of expertise because you haven't told me anything about that.

The 2 ways of doing it seemed to be enrolling in organization in your vision (and that isn't going to be about applying for a job which, by definition, is a defined set of skills and experiences that the firm wants to see in order to fill a gap in their needs.

You have to step out of that framework because applying for a job doesn't work in the context of a blue ocean strategy and think visionary by considering what you can bring to an organization or how you create a consulting practice around your vision.

There are many firms that have done that before. You don't have to go it alone. You can build something quite substantial.

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