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Is There a Recruiter Blacklist? (VIDEO)

I answer a question about whether recruiter blacklists exist.


Someone asked me a question that translates into, "Is there a blacklist of people that recruiters won't represent?".

If you think there is a central database that consists of individuals that all corporations and all recruiters will not represent or will not hire, that is not the case. HOWEVER, we all have long memories. When I worked in recruiting. I remembered every person that screwed me, every person who accepted a job offer impact out of it, every person who lied on an interview Once we had technology it is very easy to track that information. I assume that I am not unique in that every search firm, every corporate recruiter, every corporation has their version of that.

For example, if you work at a company or working your firm and someone has accepted a job offer and then accepted a counter offer from your current employer or elsewhere, there is a notation about that. If you interviewed poorly or misrepresenting your skills in some way, claiming that you have expertise that you do not have, I am sure there is an notation about that in their applicant tracking system. Or, shall we say, if you have lied in some way, found out at a later date and decided not to extend an offer to you as a result of the deception that they found out about, I am sure there is a notation about that.

However, if what you are asking is whether there is a central repository, I saw there was one attempt to create one. But the domain does not exist anymore so I'm not even going to mention the name. However, I will say that it is something to be concerned about.

There is also the social stuff. For example, you are at a networking event and to recruiters talk to one another, they are from different firms and they see you and one says to the other, "That person presents so well, but we lost the higher with him because he lied." Do you think the other recruiter doesn't file that way? Of course they do!

I remember the guy who interviewed for me, we scheduled for interviews on a given day as he walked out of each 1 of them, saying, "Would you mind cashing a check for me? Someone robbed me on the way over for the interview." It wasn't for a lot of money, maybe $20 or $25, but he bounced checks to everyone! Do you think I don't remember that?

There is stuff like that that goes on, but there is no formal, central repository. Each search firm. Each Corporation may keep their list of individuals that just do not fit or are just not appropriate that they will never consider hiring or representing. However, there is no central database.

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