Want to Start a Business? Don’t Have Time? Here’s How. (VIDEO)

Jeff Altman,The Big Game Hunter explains how to figure out how to get the time to start that business that you want to start.



I want to talk with you if you’re someone who’s been interested in starting a business, you are working full time, you don’t feel like you have time.  I want to help you figure out a way where you can get your time and be able to do what you want to do.

If you wait around to when you have a few minutes, you’ll never do it.  Experience tells me that most people won’t do it. If they wait to find the time to do it.  Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Create a 24 hour a day grid/7 days a week with 15 minute intervals.  Track how you currently spend your time.  This way, you have a view of it.  Start by tracking the time.
  2. Create a 2nd grid.  Redo your time grid for how you needed to be.  For example, if you work all day and are watching cable TV at night, that can be time for you.  You can take that out of the schedule.  Decide what time is not negotiable.  For example, you sleep or go to work, your commuting time, you do your job, these are nonnegotiable times.  To be clear, I want you to be great at your current job.  These all go into this grid.  You want to spend time with your wife, husband, partner and/or kids … put these on the grid.  You want to go to different events that the kids do.… These go on the grid.  These are all scheduled in.  You want to be there for bath time with the kids. This goes on the grid  there are things that you will discover from the 1st read that you can take out from the 2nd 1.For example, if you are someone with lots of alerts on your phone, get rid of all your alerts.  Just login and see what messages you have.  Same thing with text messages.  You don’t need to respond to an text message immediately.  Turn off the alerts; batch respond.  This way, you are not being interrupted.  If you are finding it hard at work to avoid responding when someone asks, “Did you see this show,” maybe what you want to do is pull out cable and/or pull out Netflix so that this way you start on your time again, not Netflix.

You see where I’m going with this?  You need to own your time I can then start plugging in your work.  Like I said, if you need to turn off cable, if you need to turn off Netflix, do it.  Not only will you get the time back, but you will save some money, too.



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