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Networking As Part of Your Repertoire (VIDEO)

Why are some people successful? This is the first in a series of videos that will explain exactly that.


I wanted to do a video today that talks about networking but I didn't want to do it from the standpoint of you is a job hunter but talking with you about it from the vantage point of why it's important.

People seem to do networking only when they have a crisis and fail to build relationships. You decide you want to look for a job so you go out networking. Maybe you're having a problem in your business so you decide to go out networking. Instead of creating the capital when you don't have a need that allows you to reach out and not project likely needy or mooching off of people or things along those lines. It really isn't that hard.

Here's my suggestion and the reason for it. The suggestion is that if you are 30 or 40 or 50, certainly, you remember that there were people 15 years ago who you are not in contact with. Here's what I want you to do – – I want you to start reaching out to them. Don't know how to do it? Find them on LinkedIn. Find them on Facebook. Reach out to them! Do a Google search. Remember what town they lived in? Where they used to work a million years ago? You can find them.

Drop them a note or pick up the phone and call them and simply say, "hi!" And pick up where you left off when you last spoke with them. You see, we all know networking is important, but don't make time for it. That's what successful people do. They network all the time. It's not like they are doing it every day or every week. But every few weeks to pick up the phone and call.

As I coach executive job hunters, 1 of the things that is so obvious to me is that the network of relationships that they have built up provides them with a huge amount of capital that allows them to make the transitions professionally much more easily. I want to say that it's easy but they have relationships that they can call on and, as is often said in job search, it's not who you know. But it's who the people you know know (I know that's an awkward sentence but pause after the 1st "know.") It is not your 1st level connection but the one after that.

So, with that, I just want to encourage you to develop the habit of reintroducing yourself to people so that you can really cultivate the relationship. It's not like you need to do much more than go, "Hi! How are you? It has been a long time. Your name popped into my mind this morning and I just want to get reconnected." Remember, this includes clergy, former colleagues, people you went to school with, grew up with, everyone in your life is something you can network with because you just don't know.

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