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Avoiding Depression While Job Hunting

Avoiding Depression During a Job Search | Job Search Radio

I discuss several things you can do to keep yourself on point during your job search avoid the malaise and depression too many people slip into. I mentioned connecting with me via in the video. I no longer work with the service. Instead, reach out to me through


Today's video is to help individuals who may be fighting depression in the middle of their job search.

Depression is insidious. It shows up in lots of different ways and the simplest way it becomes obvious is you find it difficult to do the things you know you need to do. And, as a result, it kind of feeds on itself and sends you into a spiral where nothing is getting done, you start to punish yourself for not getting things done and then criticizing yourself for not doing the things in order to get done. You get the idea.

So here's a couple of ways that I've learned over the years in my work as a recruiter and my training as a therapist to help people defeat the depression that comes with job search.

Because after all it wasn't just that you decided that you were being treated fairly or that you got laid off or fired from your employer. It's all the build up to that that may have wore you down.

So here's a couple of things to do.

First of all, establish a routine for yourself and maintain it. So, for example, if you are used to getting up at 6:30 to go on work, get up at 6:30 to start your job search. Go through the same routine you did in the morning. I'm not going to walk you through your normal routine. You know what you normally do and just continue on with them. When I was working from home many years ago when I was living in New York the one additional thing I did as part of my routine was I would go out to get a copy of The New York Times, come back, get into my jacuzzi and take a long bubble bath for a while. And I felt as though by going out in the morning and just getting a sense of the weather I just learned what other people were going through. It kind of got me connected with work. You'll find your version of a good routine but establish one.

From there, I want to encourage you to do some exercise. It doesn't have to be sweat and grunt exercise. You don't have to, If you haven't exercised before, go for a three mile jog. It's beyond reasonable to expect that. But even if it's as simple as going for a one mile walk, it's something that you can do that will get you out and invigorate you. Starting doing something like reaching out to people as part of your search just to check in with them, Say, "hi," chat a little bit, let them know that you are looking for work that can be part of the networking and just re-connect will with folks to help them and help yourself stay connected.Go to a support group. You know there are any number of networking groups out there that will help individuals make more connections and support with one another with leads and support one another with coaching. So get to a network support group or networking group and just chat up people and that will help you feel good.

You know, him and in there are things that you can do to volunteer or sometimes one day a week for an afternoon like a Friday afternoon. You might find a volunteer opportunity.

They'll give you motivation and inspiration to appreciate what you have, him .even though it's not going perfectly. I'm going to remind you of one of those qualities that served you very well which is perseverance.

You've always had a determination or been determined throughout your career. This is going to be another way that you're going to need to show that perseverance and determination.

Try a job search journal. Talk about some of the successes that you've had the positive feedback that you've received along the way. Just jot down some notes for yourself because there are times where you know the funk may get too profound and it becomes a good way to remind you of things that you can do that will inspire you because you've inspired others.

And I don't want to neglect the idea of getting some professional help. You know sometimes the rut or the depression becomes too profound and you need help. Don't skimp or scrimp on spending money to him take care of yourself. After all if you are depressed and you go to an interview feeling depressed, how motivated do you think others are going to be in hiring you?

So get some help. Often talking to your friends will be enough to take you out of the funk. But if it doesn't work. Definitely get some professional advice and support in order to help you break through.

Hope you found this helpful. Hope you visit my Web site which is There's a lot more that early watch, listen to or read to help you find work.

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Avoiding Depression During a Job Search


I discuss several things you can do to keep yourself on point during your job search avoid the malaise and depression too many people slip into. I mentioned connecting with me via in the video. Use this link.


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