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What’s My Problem? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 666 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers a question he saw on Quora from someone lamenting that he or she doesn’t know what they are doing wrong.


I saw a question on Quora today and wanted to respond to it. Here's the question will provide the answer to it: "if you've applied for many job interviews and had very little response, how do you know which aspect is the problem? The job market? The resume? The cover letter? Inadequate work history? Just dumb luck?"

They continue on talking about their personal experience. "For the last year, I've had phone interviews, in person interviews, but I only seem to get teased and nothing pans out. I don't know what went wrong or how to improve for future inquiries."

Here's a simple formula that you can use.

If you are sending out your resume and you're not getting responses, usually the problem is your resume.

If you're getting interviews but not getting 2nd interviews, you are not doing phone or in person interviews as well as you think you are. If you are not getting invited back for seconds or in-house interviews, you don't do phone interviews very well.

If you're getting through that and getting to finalists phase , but not getting job offers, you just can't do that part well.

Finally, if you get to that finalists phase, they have 2 people that they brought back and then talking with you about money, you may not do salary negotiation all that well.

You have to break down the process a little bit and clearly in this case, he or she doesn't interview all that well. I wouldn't blame it on the job market. I wouldn't blame it on the resume because the resume got them in the door. At the end of the day they got on the door for interviews and they're not getting past the screening round, the 1st level interview, so I can be very clear that this person just doesn't interview well.

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