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Are You The Black Sheep?

Are You The Black Sheep? | Job Search Radio

EP 227 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter he explains how to handle constantly being told you’re the screw-up.



Today, I want to talk with those of you who are considered "the screw ups." You know, the kid who hasn't launched and is working temp jobs who is not able to hold the job for more than a month. The person who has a history of addiction. It's hard for you to maintain the balance to have a job all the time.

I have simple advice for you. Be patient with yourself. Rome wasn't built in a day aAnd, all the external pressures aside, you need to figure things out for yourself with support.

If you are the form student who is having trouble launching, figure out what you are good at, talk to people about that, start trying jobs that fit that norm. It's time for you to sort this out instead of continuing this path where others are criticizing you, it's you who's voice is loudest criticizing you.

If you are the person dealing with addictions, obviously, your sobriety is incredibly important and should be paramount. It's also going to be important to you to figure out what you can do in the way of the "normal world" to "settle down."

Patience for yourself. Begin a process. Get better at everything you try doing. Soon, maybe not soon enough for others, but soon, if you are kind to yourself and work hard at this, you will be able to have a job/career that you will be happy with.


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