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Should I Apply to Jobs Through My LinkedIn Profile or My Resume? (VIDEO)

Which is the better way to apply for jobs on LinkedIn?  Here is my opinion.


I was asked the question that translates into, "Show. I applying for jobs with my LinkedIn profile or submit a resume?"

When I spoke about how the job market works these days, what I have spoken about in the past applies here as well. Resumes are for when you are hunting and LinkedIn profiles for when you are the hunted. I want to explain why which I normally don't go into.

The reason is that your profile is going to be pretty static if the role, if you submit your profile with a few tweaks for every job, by the time someone gets the your profile, it may be different than what you submitted to them because you are tweaking it for each submission. LinkedIn will deliver the most current iteration of your profile.

The problem comes down to the fact that you have one profile, you are not necessarily addressing that which the hiring firm is interested. It becomes like having a standard resume and submitting it everywhere. The broken watch is right twice a day, right? Well, your LinkedIn profile is going to be right. some of the time, but more can go into it.

For example, when you look at your profile, there are things that relate to your background that might be highlighted in PowerPoints that you link to, a video or an article that you connect to that someone is not necessarily going to see because they might look at the standard resume kind of stuff, right?

The real issue comes down to the resume is a document that can be tweaked, as a result, you can tailor it to demonstrate more of how you fit then your profile can.

So I would encourage you that instead of submitting your profile, submit a tailored resume, not the same generic resume because if you do that,, you might as well submit your profile. Submitting a profile isn't ideal from the employer's perspective on either because it doesn't offer information about how to contact you. When people send their profiles you have to reply back to the LinkedIn system an offer that takes too much time. I want to call people and get going with things and not act like a clerk and sending stuff to the government,, you know what I mean?

To me, if you are applying, that is you being active. For you, if you are active, you are better off using a resume and a LinkedIn profile. That's because you can tailor it to what a firm is looking for, Rather than submitting the same LinkedIn profile over and over again.

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