Do You Think It's Age Discrimination

Do You Think It’s Age Discrimination? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 643 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter speaks to older workers about how to deal with age discrimination.


This is a podcast for older workers that stems from a conversation I had yesterday with someone who had been in his 50s and interviewing, not getting results that he wanted and not really sure what his problem was.

To start off with. I asked him to break down where he thought things were collapsing. Here's how the model works. If you are not getting interviews, the problem is your resume. If you are getting it invitations for phone interviews but not in person interviews, you don't do a phone interview as well as you might like. If you're getting in person interviews but not being invited back for 2nd interviews,, you don't really interview as well as you think you do. We could go on and on.

I said to him, "When you stop and think about it, where is it breaking down for you? Where are the problems coming up in your search?" He came to realize it was his interviewing.

Once you identify this problem, I could feel his confidence build up because he had figured out that he really didn't interview as well as he thought he might have.

He has been a hiring manager no less. And, like most hiring managers, he had the belief that he knew how to interview because he had hired people. However, when you put people on the side of the desk, they often don't interview as well as they think they do. Then, they start to blame age discrimination as being the issue when their lack of preparedness is the real problem.

If you think is age discrimination. Most of the time, I'm not saying all of the time, most of the time it isn't. What it is is your lack of preparation is the real culprit. As a result, maybe it might be a resume… You haven't really studied how to write a resume. You're not getting them critiqued. If you are getting phone interviews, you think he can just kind of wing it through the phone interview and you haven't really rehearsed or practiced how to answer some of the questions you would be typically asked..

I want to encourage you to not fall prey to the self-pity trap of "I'm too old," or the assumption of age discrimination. Yes, there is but most of the time it is you. The lack of preparation and your lack of effort to get yourself ready is the real culprit.

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