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A Short Sad Story | Job Search Radio

You never want to receive this phone call and have to make excuses to people why it happened. The show is short and sad.




Sorry, this won't be complete transcription. My laptop was damaged by a spill and needs to be shipped for a repair.

The show is about a woman I represented who was out of work and went on several interviews before receiving a job offer from a firm. Salary increase. Great work AND she failed the pre-employment drug test.

She then had to explain to her family and friends why she lost the job she so much wanted.

Don't place yourself in that position. BEFORE you start interviewing, stop using drugs. After all, it takes pot at least 30 days to leave your blood system.

According to a study I saw many years ago offered by the US Public Health Service, it can take 60 days to leave your blood system if you have been a frequent and chronic user.

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