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Two Ways to Brand Yourself | Job Search Radio

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers two ways to brand yourself as a superior candidate in your resume.


There are 2 thoughts that came to mind this morning. The 1st 1 is you know how you sometimes get these awards, sometimes it was in school. If you are less experienced person; sometimes is a corporate award. The issue of listing the award isn't that you got the award or that you're putting the award on your resume. The problem is that there is no context for the award.

For example, if you received a scholarship, if you received the award while you were in school and said something to the effect of, "sole recipient of the Such and Such Award,. 4100 individuals submitted their qualifications. I was the sole recipient of the award." That gives people the context for how special it was. For the corporate award, if you talk about what you did to receive the award and if you know how many others were put up for that award and that they chose you (for you are 1 of 5 recipients), they give you a real opportunity to stand out in the reader' s mind. Otherwise, they don't know what they are reading their or its import and how you competed to get this award.

Do that sort of a technique in order to stand out.

Lastly, if you are doing temp work, if you are doing consulting, and you want to brand yourself and your resume, don't put the name of the temp agency there. If no one is ever heard of it. I don't care if it is a big local temp agency or consulting firm, look at the brand of the client that you work that during this assignment. That may be the bigger brand that's going to get more recognition.

For example, if you work for (I'm just making up this name) Big Temp Agency and you are at Coca-Cola as a client, which one do you think you should put on the resume? Answer. Coca-Cola. Then, in the body underneath Coca-Cola, you indicate you are a consultant at Coca-Cola for such and such agency.

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