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100 Million New Jobs By The End of 2020

There was a time in my life when we dreamed big and set ambitious collective goals. I think of President Kennedy setting a vision that an American would walk on the moon by the end of his decade. Although he did not live to see it and no one having an idea of how to accomplish it at the time he said it, the United States was successful with accomplishing that goal and, as a result, new technologies and industries were created.

Since that time, I can think of few things that have inspired a nation, let alone nations, to take such dramatic and positive actions.

With economies changing and the world becoming more complex, many have been left behind. According to one statistic I have seen, global unemployment currently exceeds 200 million people. Many are younger people who have been unable to find their place in the world of work . . . some lack skills, some lack access . . . there are many reasons.

Our politicians have done an extremely good job of turning ourselves against one another, rather working collectively toward making progress toward a different shared vision that we can work together on while still respecting our differences and helping more people achieve some level of success, not by American standards, but by their standards.

I arrive to this discussion with the opinion that when people work, they feel more productive and better about themselves. They take those feelings into their relationships and interdependencies with others and families. Not all work will seem meaningful by dominant culture standards but, if we look through the eyes of a younger person in the US, or Africa, Europe or Asia, we may see potential opportunities for them and their families.

In the US, the phrase that is oft repeated is that some do jobs that Americans would not do.” Perhaps there are many in your nation that are doing work that those in the dominant culture are unwilling to do.

I would like to offer a vision for the balance of this decade. By the end of the year 2020, let’s create 100 million new jobs or solo businesses worldwide. Let’s create a climate where business wants to hire people throughout the world. Let’s see tax policy that offers apprenticeships and training for people in manufacturing and other trades. Let’s have each nation see what they can do to foster a climate and education where people want to work and are able to work.


Let’s create a global initiative to create 100 million new jobs by the end of 2020 and see how different and our relationships become.

Are you with me? Send me an email at [email protected] if you are. Share the vision; take action toward it. Encourage your employer to train people for jobs in your country, rather than make them pay for their own job skills. Encourage tax policy that will create 100 million new jobs worldwide.

Share the vision. Share the dream. Let’s put politicians to work creating the climate for 100 million new jobs to be created, not fostering hatred of one another and our differences. Send this article to the politician of your choice and let them know you want them focusing on creating 100 million new jobs.


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Let us know how many new jobs or businesses were created; we will keep a tally of new jobs, not from government statistics but from shared information. Email us at [email protected]

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Jeff Altman