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Stupid Networking Mistakes: Waiting (VIDEO)

There are many mistakes that people make with networking. This video covers another one.


I wanted to talk with you today about networking mistakes and continuing my series about that.

Networking is so vital whether you're in business for yourself or whether your job hunter– – Let me restate that. You should just be doing it is a job hunter. You should be doing it when you're an employee or are happy doing what you are doing. That's really the theme of this video.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting until they need someone, waiting until they need to take advantage of the situation in order to get help.

Waiting doesn't really work because, after all, who really helps people for the heck of it? The idea is that you develop relationships with people during times when there isn't a need where you help them and they help you so that when you REALLY NEED HELP they are willing to be of assistance.

I had someone approach me who had never spoken with the day before my life Who asked that I help them. They wanted me to critique her resume, Wanted me to critique a LinkedIn profile, wasn't willing to pay me… Why would I do this? Just to be a nice guy?

"There is going to be more business afterwards!"

Yeah, right. I never heard from them before never to hear from them again. That's the reality of most people's experiences When they waited to reach out to someone only when they have a need.

Don't wait. Waiting is a mistake whether you are a business owner or an employee. The idea is that you are constantly networking. It can be as simple as one phone call a day, 7 to 10 minutes tops. A Skype. Getting together for lunch every once in a while. Sitting down, shooting the breeze and talking about life, the universe and everything. If you make one call per workday, that will be 250 calls. 250 people you will have reached out to.

There is the 2nd "touch" you can have around the Christmas period where you email a card to them that wishes them well and talks about your year. That's the 2nd touch that you can have. It's not that tough. You can calendar everything so that you are reminded to reach out to people, rather than waiting until you are in desperation mode.

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