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Stupid Interview Mistakes: TMI & Seeming Angry (VIDEO)

In this video, I talk about two complementary poisons that cost people jobs–sharing too much information and appearing angry.


I continuing my series on stupid interview mistakes. I wasn't quite sure how to accurately express this in the title so just decide to throw both of them in together. This is the mistake of TMI (too much information), and appearing angry. To me, they go hand-in-hand with one another.

Maybe you are fired or laid off from a job. Maybe you work at a place where you are, the outsider, and everyone else keeps you on the outside looking in... Maybe you don't get along with your boss or whatever the reason is. You are in a situation where you feel angry and frustrated and start going off answering questions with way too much detail to them that no one really cares about and just gives people the idea that, "Hey. This guy is weird. I'm not sure I really want them around."

The result winds up being you talk yourself out of jobs, which often happens with veteran individuals where their anger and frustration with being laid off is so poisonous to their landing the next situation. It's like you go out an interview and it is too soon after the layoff is taken place and you wear your heart on your sleeves. Or you got into an argument with your boss and act, "I'm mad! Let me tell you what this person did to me and I'm right and they are wrong!" Who wants to hear it???

You have to put aside any anger or heartbreak that you have about losing a job or being in a situation that isn't working for you. You have to bring the story down to the facts and talk about them in a way that is very casual and doesn't reveal quite as much is this extreme vulnerability does.

Remember, the next firm here is that kind of stuff and wonders who the loose cannon is, and frankly, since you're sounding like it, the likelihood is they are going to decide it is you because they don't have any countervailing evidence to offset it.

So just hold back. You are just going to hurt yourself and damage your prospects with the firm.

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2 thoughts on “Stupid Interview Mistakes: TMI & Seeming Angry (VIDEO)

  1. Agreed. No matter what, you can’t come off as bitter. Even when they probe for the details, I won’t get in to it. I put a SHORT, positive spin on why I left my last job. Then I quickly redirect the conversation back to my qualifications, which is what I’m there to discuss anyway.  It’s a job interview, not an episode of “As The World Turns”. Getting into the weeds about your past situation will make for great gossip once you leave the building, but they will not hire you.

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