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Speaking to Multiple People in An Interview (VIDEO)

In response to someone who I coach, I created a video to illustrate how you speak to multiple people on an interview.


This video was created as a result of a request someone I coach made about speaking to multiple people during an interview and answering the question, "So where do you see yourself 5 years from now?"

Not answer the question in previous videos, so I'm not can repeat myself, but I'm going to illustrate what it is you need to be doing physically in answering the question. That I think is the best application advice I can offer. You see, I have tons of content and tons of answers to tough interview questions, but the body language component of answering the question is important as well.

So I'm going to illustrate this as though are being interviewed by 3 people. So let's say there are 3 people and the person asking is the one directly in front of me and there are 2 people who flank this person. So the person asks the question in there directly in front of me so I start talking to them 1st and then gently turn a little bit to the next person and continue speaking in answering the question. I talked to that person for a few seconds and then I come back to the center and they continue by talking to the person to my left and their right and talk there. Eventually, I'm going to finish answering the question by talking to the person who originally asked it.

If the person is the one on the left to asks the question, we start by speaking to them and then we come to here and then here and do this so that everyone feels engaged and comfortable while always working our way back to the original person who asks the question to complete our answer.

Again, if you start over here, you start by talking to the person who asked the question , but you also want to involve the others in the conversation, as well so that everyone is a part of the conversation, everyone feels engaged in it and then and by finishing up with the person who asked the question.

That's how the physicality of this works. For the specific answers, I am covered tons of tough interview questions in other videos and this is a great opportunity.

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2 thoughts on “Speaking to Multiple People in An Interview (VIDEO)

  1. One of the most disconcerting interview styles and combined with rapid fire questions and a duration over 3 hours can be sheer torture

  2. 3 hours is designed to break you AND it is designed to do a few more things. Most panels are not done over that period of time. They are designed to be much more concise than that otherwise they could just do individual interviews.

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