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Showing Emotional Intelligence When You Interview | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 688 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains the importance of demonstrating EI when you interview.


I'm back with more no BS to help you find work more quickly.

This 1 is about interviewing and what firms are looking for. For years, I have said that there's a math formula to hiring. They are looking for Confidence, Self-confidence, Chemistry, Character, maybe a little Charisma. All of which add up to personal leadership. I want to add another criteria into the formula, especially for a more senior professional. That quality is Emotional Intelligence.

EI is 1 of those quirky things, but I want to point out how effective it is in you, "getting it and how you are respond to demonstrations of emotional intelligence."

When you look at articles that you are reading online, I'm not looking at new stories, but blog posts from individuals who talk about themselves, are you responding to people who are flatly giving you data or 2 people who are talking from their heart a lot more. I find that in the US connection to the heart makes a huge difference in how people connect with someone. That is true in interviewing as well.

The more senior you are, the more that quality needs to come across. For juniors, more often than not, they are looking for "puppies." People who are like a sheepdog, individuals who are eager, want to learn willing to work hard. The more senior you are the more important it is to handle situations with texture and not just simply rattle off a bunch of things that you did and how you went about doing them without taking the human quality into consideration.

"I had a staff of individuals with different kinds of problems. One person on my staff and a mom was really ill that required time off; another one on staff who…" And you describe their problems. I'm not raising this is the subject to point out their defects because they were not defective; fact that this is just the way life is. "I had to work within the framework of key people on my staff going through a crisis at a particular time. How I mobilize people to work around these issues was…" And you talk about that

Notice, this is an example that goes beyond the typical "by the facts" type of response. This kind of demonstration of emotional intelligence, particularly for senior talent, goes a long way toward having you stand out.

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