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Should I Follow My Dream or Get a Good Job? (VIDEO)

A viewer asks a great question about a difficult choice they have to make.


The question I received today is, "Should I follow my dream or get a good job?"

I shake my head when I see questions like this, as though the 2 are mutually exclusive. Let's work with the assumption that for this person they are. So let's start off by asking, "What's a good job?"

I'm going to assume that a good job is one that pays well as being the answer because, culturally, for most people, that is what they are brought up to believe. A good job pays you well. The dream job doesn't necessarily pay well. It is one that you have to suffer through financially in order to… You get the picture.

I want offer suggestion to you that you may not have considered. Putting aside the idea that they are not mutually exclusive, for you they are. There is the suggestion. You have a day job that pays your bills and you have a side job that you also work at, that you hustle for where you are developing a business that really appeals to you. This way, you have money coming in, and you also have the delight and the joy of doing something that really excites you and floats your boat.

You see, I understand the financial responsibilities that you feel. You may be an individual who is married with a young child and is staring at bills and want to to be a good mom or dad. You may be a single parent and feeling responsibilities. I get it.

There is a craze that basically says, "I want to do something meaningful to me," but it doesn't pay well and may never pay well and I still have a responsibility to someone other than me.

My thought is that you do both. You take a day job that pays you well and you also do something on the side that doesn't pay you that well. Conversely, you can have the full time job that is the dream job and the part-time job that is paying you well.

However you do it, it doesn't have to be an either or situation. You can do more than one thing at once.

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