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Shape Up Your Professional Network with Shapr (VIDEO)

I have been playing with a new networking app called Shapr. It’s a nice little app that is available at
Download it an start meeting some new people to network with.


I thought I would do a quick critique or review of a new app I've been playing with this designed to help you build your professional network.

The app is called Shapr. There is a link in the show notes that tells you where to go to download it, whether it's in Google play or in the app store.

It is kind of like Tinder for networking. Unlike previous apps that I've seen like this that are geolocation oriented. "Who is near you who…" This app is connected to your LinkedIn profile and thus is able to extract information about you from it about you and others. Using their particular tech, what they do is match you up with other individuals with whom you might have a common interest. So, like Tinder, you swipe one way to say that you're not interested, swipe another way to say that you're interested and will only put you in touch if both of you are interested. In that respect it is like tinder.

For now, they have about 300,000 members and growing exponentially. For now it is aggregated in large urban areas. For example, for me in western North Carolina in the city of about 85 or 90,000 people, most of what I am seeing is in Charlotte, Atlanta and DC which you would expect, because those are major hub areas. I'm sure that will change over time so that if you're in smaller markets things will open up for you, too.

However, if you are looking to expand your network and connect with people, they'll try to promote you to others and share with others. In addition, as they grow, I've been told that there will be a premium version of the product coming out later this year (2017) not been excited about some of the functionality I've been hearing from them that will be offered. In case they change the path to the launch, I want to talk about any specific features yet.

I like this app and I think it is worth exploring. Again, it is called Shapr.

Every day, they are releasing somewhere around 15 to 17 profiles to you. These are not your connections on LinkedIn, nor are they allowing you to connect with them there. These are fresh people that you can network with. It may take a minute of swiping to view the 17. If you hesitate. It may be a minute and 10 seconds or minutes and 15 seconds. Not exactly a big deal. They are trying to avoid situations where it seems spammy where it would be annoying for people to get together. Remember, you have a right of refusal as well as blocking features for the "lunatic" who might be there.

Overall, it is a nice little app. Downloaded in Google Play or in the App store. Again, there's a link in the show notes to where you can do this.

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