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Secrets of Successful People They Are in Charge (VIDEO)

Continuing my series on secrets of successful people, I discuss another quality that they possess– they are in charge . . . But not in the way that your thinking.


I am continuing the series that I'm doing about the secrets of successful people. The title is a little misleading in that most people will think they when I say, "THEY ARE IN CHARGE," that I mean that they are the boss of their own enterprise. They are the owner. They are that this. They are the that. The fact is that that is not what I am talking about.

People who are successful act like professionals. They work at their craft. If they don't feel like doing something that is part of their job they do it anyway. You see what they learned over the course of time is that practice does make perfect. Maybe not perfect but it does make better than they are now. The result was a being that for most (for lack of a better term) "amateurs," they quit on themselves. They sell themselves short. They think, "I'm not good at this," and as a result, don't strive to achieve more.

I was coaching someone, a week or 2 ago who is trying to put together a program for an organization that she is involved with and she was saying, "I'm not a creative sorts. I can do a lot of the tactical things and I'm not really good at thinking creatively." That was her patented excuse for why she couldn't do this project.

As I start to explore things with her, I got her to see that creativity, although there are gifts to it, for many is an acquired craft. As you start to develop more objective skill and more measurable skill, often the creativity comes in later. For her, her mind was so locked in. That was hard for her to see anything differently.

For you who may be looking at how to be successful, there are times where you're going to want to shut up, shut down and not do the work. I'm often reminded of a quote, "The secret to success without work is still a secret." I love that quote!

There are no accidents. There are no guarantees. Putting the effort in and taking charge of your mind, and the ways that it sabotages you is a starting place for a lot of successful people.

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1 thought on “Secrets of Successful People They Are in Charge (VIDEO)

  1. Success is that 90% of your effort that translates into how people perceive you. The place I work at teaches that as a class and now every cube dweller is a successful global leader (cue BS Bingo card).
    If you want to be successful work on the perception part, not the work part

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