Posting Your Résumé on the Web

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains the importance of not just uploading a resume to job boards but suggests a free alternative that allows recruiters to find your resume for free.



A lot of people use job boards. They shouldn’t be the only tool in your quiver but their great tool.

Here’s another tool to use.

Instead of just putting your resume upon a job board, why don’t you set up a website purely for your reume? You can use a service like and creaEte a one-page website (wix allows more),keyword optimized, SEO optimized so people can find it through Google.

Wix is free to there’s no excuse for a financial standpoint not to do this. All were talking about is taking your existing resume and putting it up on the web for people to find it for free.

Now if you make changes to your resume and other places, you will also need to change it on wix.

You know about LinkedIn and making sure your profile is set up well so that it is also keyword and SEO optimized. You need to do the same with your resume on wix or any other site you put your resume on.

The only cause that you will have is if you want to get your own domain. Otherwise they will issue one like (that is not my real address. If it is a website is up your accident). That address is fine but you wait may want something specific to you and your taste. It would cost $10/$14 to get a custom domain.

Since you are giving it out to anyone it doesn’t matter if you have your own domain or not.


Do you think employers are trying to help you? You already know you can’t trust recruiters—they tell as they think you need to know to take the job they after representing so they collect their payday.

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