Posting Your Resume on Job Boards

A few weeks ago, I got a call from a client telling me that they wanted me to keep an eye out for three senior technology managers with particular skills.

“Expansion,” I asked.

“Nah, ” we spotted their resumes on Monster. Look up these three people and you’ll have the job description.”

True story.

If you are currently working, why are you revealing your identity when you post your resume on the major job boards? If you work for a large company that is trying to hire staff and is advertising for staff, they may have also purchased a license to search the resume data base to search for new staff.

How do you think your employer will respond when HR calls them and says, “Sharon is looking for a job.”

Too often, I see people put their jobs at risk by posting their resume with full contact information on the large job boards. Blind your name and make your dissatisfaction harder to identify.


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