Ozzie? Meet Ozzie. The Changing Workforce

What’s different about the workforce in America today? Some point to the inadequate skills that the workforce has. Many point to an expensive labor force.

I look at a change in character and how important it is to adapt when you recruit.

Once upon a time, the American labor force was personified by tv characters like Ozzie Nelson from Ozzie and Harriet or Jim Anderson from “Father Knows Best.” These were individuals who worked hard, one was self-employed, the other an insurance salesman who were focused on career and family.

Today, Ozzie has been replaced by a generation that does not think of sacrifice, is used to being catered to and that extends to the workplace.

They expect companies to love them, hire them, take their interests into account . . . and I’m not talking about young workers; I’m speaking about the aging workers like me (I’m 59).

Yes, they put in time and effort, but they are not compliant like the worker in the 50’s was. They expect to be seen and praised and that their work be fascinating.

Yes, I know it is ridiculous but tell me this.

Are you on Facebook? Have you read what people tweet on Twitter or create videos of on YouTube?  Do you notice how people speak with one another. Have you looked at the applications on their iPhone or mobile device and how it caters to them?

This is what we are as a country now.

And these are the people you are interviewing.

I am not going to tell you to cater to them.

I am going to tell you to communicate with people better in your interview process.

For example, do you know whether your candidates prefer being communicated with via text, email or phone?

Does your corporate website display properly on a mobile phone?

Does your firm have a Facebook fan page? A Google+ Brand Page? How is your company described on LinkedIn (you do know that people can look up your company on LinkedIn)?

You can’t just run an ad on a job board any more. They want to “know you first.”


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