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No Interviews After 40 Resume Submissions | Job Search Radio

“I feel like a failure. What is wrong?” This is a common lament from job hunters when the resume is in getting them the results that they hope for. I offer advice about how to handle this differently on the show as we talk about how someone submits their resume 40 times without an interview.



I received a question from someone that I thought was applicable to a lot of people. The question translated into, "I have sent out 35 or 40 resumes. I haven't gotten any response. I feel like a failure. I'm 26 and I had a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale In my degree in computer science. I feel awful. What am I doing wrong?"

I have to dissect this into a few different categories. The 1st 1 is we don't know when you receive this degree. 26 seems old for a bachelor's in the right age for Masters but we don't know for sure when you received your degree.

So, let's assume it's an undergrad degree in computer science. You're not getting any interviews. Normally, I would say the issue is your resume. Your resume isn't making a case for your candidacy
It could also be that you are setting at the firm's that don't hire entry-level people. Maybe you are not networking or taking advantage of a network of introductions in order to be able to get results and get interviews..

You might also be submitting at the wrong time of year. For example, you are submitting a time of year where firms are not interested in hiring entry-level people. When I originally recorded this. It was late June and that is normally the time that would be hiring beginners.

The likelihood is that your resume isn't doing a good job of representing you. What should go into your resume? Obviously, the coursework. You can include quotes from professors in the resume that call attention to your extraordinary conduct. A 3.5 on a 4.0 scale is not bad but if this is from a school that no one has ever heard of before, it has less value than if we said Stanford or another major comp sci school. Recognize that your choice of university or college may have an impact on how firms are evaluating you.

You could be sending your resume to firms are not interested in hiring beginners. They want to hire experienced people 

and a beginner resume is not going to interest them.

We dissected into a couple of different behaviors on your part that can easily be corrected.

I also want to say that there is a lot of advice at, no matter where you are in your search. If you join the site (it is $49.99 per month, not th $24.99 I mentioned in the podcast when I recorded it).

When all is said and done. Since you are not getting interviews. The issue is what you are doing now with your resume and your actions that are getting you stuck, not even launching into interviews yet. We have to break it down in terms of your resume, the value of the school that you went to as a brand to help sell you, what you are doing in the way of networking and how you are applying. 

Let's look at those 4. Let's look at how you are applying because I have an address that yet.

If you are submitting your resume through applicant tracking systems, man, you are stuck. Your keywords may not be strong enough to bring you to anyone's attention. With that comes your LinkedIn profile, which may not be doing enough to help sell you.

Your resume is for when you are hunting and your LinkedIn profile is for when you want someone to hunt for you. Make it easy on your LinkedIn profile for people to reach out to you by putting your phone number and email address in the summary area of the profile to make it easier for people to reach out without using an inmail to connect with you.

By the way, NEVER apply for jobs during applicant tracking system because you are just 1 of many that they have cast out a wide net for and there is nothing to really distinguish you.

You are better off finding someone and connecting with someone through LinkedIn who works at the firm who can refer you and develop a relationship with them and like you enough to give you a shot.

You are always better off using that approach.

If you have a question about job hunting, email me at [email protected]. I can’t answer every question . . . but you knew that!

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