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Naming Your Resume File | Job Search Radio

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Jeff Altman,The Big Game Hunter explains how you should name your resume before you start to email it to people.


I get tons of resumes. You save them. You have to rename them. That's because all of you take no time and name your resume, "resume.doc." That's a big help in finding your resume. Your is a very simple convention for naming your resume.


1st name.last name.resume.doc

Really simple, isn't it? 1st name. Last name.resume.doc or put – 's between each of them.

Your resume needs to be found easily. Naming it resume.doc does nothing to help people find you in the morass of her applicant tracking systems, and the morass of our Outlook files. Just change the naming.

If you are sending a cover letter, I'm not good tell you to do the same thing. there. Only put the cover letter as the body of your email instead of as a separate file.

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