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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains one of the ways to look like a subject matter expert on LinkedIn.



Today I want to tell you how to appear like a subject matter expert on LinkedIn. It’s very easy and it is a fairly new feature on LinkedIn called the LinkedIn Publisher Platform. Almost everyone now has access to this feature. It allows you to post longform articles on almost any subject whatsoever.

Don’t be stupid and post ridiculous things. Be smart. The game plan with LinkedIn is to appear like a subject matter expert wherever you can. By writing regularly (I’m not saying to write daily or weekly). If you write one article every 2 or 3 weeks and posted and keep to a schedule of doing that, you will develop followers who like what you write. I’m seeing ordinary individuals who are getting 2 to 4000 people following them.

Your game plan is to establish a regular schedule of writing quality articles about what you do. Obviously, in some fields, this will work. If you are an administrative assistant, I can’t see you doing an article every 3 weeks. You can talk about organizing someone’s calendar. You can write about how to be defective administrative assistant. To do something like this on a regular schedule may be too hard for you.

I do see IT people doing. I do see accounting and finance people doing. Certainly headhunters do it. There are lots of different things that you can do to demonstrate that you are an expert using this platform. Because it is going to allow you to write longer articles that people will follow, read, and develop an impression of you.

That’s really what LinkedIn is all about– being seen and heard professionally, not like on Facebook, so that you develop the professional reputation where people want to connect with you and they want to hire you and retain your services.

When I look at the future in the United States. I’m not seeing the future of full-time jobs. I’m seeing a lot more freelance work ahead for us– where people work for stretches with an organization and then go on to another organization, more like the free-agent model.

If I’m right, this is an ideal platform where people are going to reach out to you and want to hire you. If I am wrong, companies are going to reach out to you. There is no losing proposition here!

When all is said and done, start using LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform to get articles published.

Where do you find it?On your homepage, if you have access to the features I suspect you do,on your homepage, beneath your photo, approximately 1/3 of the way down the page, there are 3 boxes to choose from.  The right hand most 1 says, “Write an article.”


Do you really think employers are trying to help you?

You already know you can’t trust recruiters—they tell you as much as they think you need to know to take the job they after representing so they collect their payday.

The skills needed to find a job are different yet complement the skills needed to do a job.

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