Job Search Tips If You Are Over 50

As someone who is over 60 (GASP!), it feels funny to write about the issues of someone ten years younger than me but the fact is that there are serious issues that crop up for job hunters once they cross the age of 50.

Some are issues related to what feels like bias (I say feels like bias because as we all know, discrimination on the basis of age is illegal but next to impossible to prove) but is cloaked in the language of “behavior (“I don’t know she will fit in” or “He’s too senior for job like ours” or “She just doesn’t have the right energy for our team.”).

So what can you do to as a job hunter to win?

That you want to work there is not a reason; that you have an understanding of their business and can make a direct contribution to their sales or profitability, that you have an understanding of what they are trying to do in an operational area and can help it become better (bigger, better, faster, cheaper) is.

6. Join a networking group or create a group of job search buddies.

There is great power in support. I have been a member of a men’s support group more than 25 years. That there is someone who holds me accountable for commitments I make, has learned my excuses and will push me through them and who learns to care about me (and I for them) enough to supoprt me through my struggles has helped me tremendously both personally and professionally. You can find the same power, too.

7. Consider consulting

Instead of just sitting home over eating, watching tv and forwarding jokes that have been emailed to you, do some consulting or temp work. I think you will find that there are ways to earn money while you are out looking for work.

8. Have patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day and rarely is finding a job. Like running a marathon, it is often a long race and if you sprint, you will wind up being exhausted early in the run. You just need one good job offer, not 10. Give your all, but pace your efforts and emotions.

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