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Job Search Mistakes–The Mass Blast | Job Search Radio

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses one of the classic mistakes job hunters make–mass blasting a resume


He was some bad job search advice I found on the web. I just want to tell you not to do. The bad advice is to send your resume out to everyone. EVERYONE!

Let me ask you a question. Do you like getting Viagra or Cialis is in your inbox? Well, that is what your resume becomes – – spam. You are spamming people. What you doing is mass blasting folks saying, "Hi! This is my resume. Hire me!" Or "do you have anything for me?"

Of course they do not.

Don't just simply spamming resume and then wander around saying, "Gee. I said that so many resumes and I haven't gotten any results." You are not getting results because you're not doing the research to find the jobs that fit your background. Look, I have videos that deal with how to find people in the firm who are hiring and finding hiring managers. There's also lots of content about this on the web.

When all is said and done, do not just send out resumes willy-nilly. You are stealing time from people. If you are sending it to third-party recruiters, you may think that it is their job, but it isn't their job. Their job is to fill jobs. Their job is not the place you in a job. You aren't paying them.

Don't just spamming resume. Be focused. Try to get to organizations that interest you and approach them selectively, rather than just the mass blast that is so offensive to all of us.

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