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Is It OK To Hide a Job on My Resume? (VIDEO)

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What do you think? I have my opinion.


A message from someone asked, "Is it okay to hide the job on my resume?"

There are so many different things I don't know here; I will just start by saying that if you are an employer and they find out, what is the impact on you? Answer… They fire you. Is it okay knowing that? You have to make the decision.

I also want to say that if we are discussing a job you have for 2 weeks, 15 years ago, no one cares. However, if what you are doing is changing your resume to hide something that (I'm picking something at random) one year 3 years ago and you are extending job dates and extending both dates in order to hide that one year that you don't want anyone to know about because you got a bad reference and were fired for cause, that's going to be a problem because they will find that one out. You see, employers to post employment background checks. Sometimes, they will do it before you join. And they will find out because they will contact your former employers directly and when a former employer hears an inconsistency in the date, they are going to out you. The firm that you have worked so hard to get the job with will probably withdraw the offer.

Again, if we are talking about something from 6 years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago and it is a very short duration, no one cares. However, if it is something more recent, would you care for was then and finding out that you are lying to? What other lies have they been told? That's the message they take from this.

Is it really okay to hide a job on your resume? No, it isn't okay. That's because if they find out, they will fire you. It doesn't matter how long you have been on board, that is going to happen. Just like those executives who, when they find out that they don't have the college degree that they claim, this is no different.

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