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“Is It Better to Be Perfect and Late or Good and On Time?” (VIDEO)


In this video, I explain the two ways to answer this interview questions.


Today to talk with you about the answer to 1 of those "wonderful little interview questions" the firm sometimes asked. This tends to be asked of the more senior individual than the staffer, but it can be asked of anyone.

The question is (and I'm going to distill it down to the basic element), "Is it better to be perfect and late, or good enough and on time?"

The correct answer is good and on time. Why? It's because nothing is ever perfect. You know that. While you're sitting there and thinking that one thing is just bothering you, while you are procrastinating, the meter is running on the expense the firm is incurring while you are trying to figure out what would make it absolutely perfect. Once you're done with that, that of course triggers another thing.

The correct answer is always, "good and on time."

I also want to offer up a variation on this. That variation is, "It depends."

Certainly, if you are developing a medical procedure for which someone's life is going to be saved or lost, unique perfection. There is no good enough. Under those circumstances.

Even in general terms, you can kind of fish with the audience to see if they tip off the reaction by saying, "it kind of depends. It depends on what we're working on as to whether perfect is really the correct solution or good enough really is." No matter, in most instances, three quarters of the instances the correct answer is going to be good enough and on time, rather than perfect and late. Just keep that in the back of your mind as you try to answer that question.

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