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Interview Questions to Determine Emotional Intelligence Part 2 (VIDEO)

As organizations grow or expand, emotional intelligence becomes a more important factor when interviewing new leaders.  In this video I offer 3 basic questions that any person can ask to assess for whether someone is self-aware.



I thought I would continue today to talk with you about some ideas for evaluating and hiring people for their emotional intelligence. As I said in the previous video, when I think in terms of emotional intelligence, EI is a big component of what I try to evaluate for-- the maturity, the substance of the person as reflected in character.

Here are a few more questions that you can ask as part of your interview process:

1. Tell me about a time when you did or said something that had a negative impact on the customer, appear or direct report. At that point, shut up. Say nothing else. Let them talk. Here's the fund follow-up to this question. How did you know the impact was negative? They may have seen the look on someone's face or told by the customer that this was now a big problem but you want to know and understand how they knew that this was a negative response to what they did or said.

2. Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you needed to adjust your behavior? How did you know and what did you do? Again, we're talking about professional situations. We are not talking about dating. You can, of course, change the language to say, "have you ever been in a professional situation where you knew you needed to adjust your behavior? How did you know and what did you do?"

Again, these are 2 questions that will give you perspective on their emotional intelligence. There are also classic questions about mistakes and learning from mistakes.

One question I was trained to ask years ago is:

3. Everyone makes mistakes. I make mistakes. I'm sure you make mistakes. Tell me about a professional mistake you made and how you went about solving it. Nice question, huh?

4. Have you ever been in a professional situation where you felt you needed to change or modify your behavior? How did you know? How have you been able to take lessons from that situation and apply it to others?

5. Tell me about a situation where you realize you are all the wrong course. How did you know? What did you do? What did you learn from this experience?

Have you noticed that a lot of this is about what someone learns from their experience, not just simply regurgitated a bunch of things to you.

Again, emotional intelligence is something that is so important to evaluate for, especially when you are hiring leaders or people that are going to be in front of the customer. You want to get a sense of who they are and how they have handled problems in the past because you know they are running up against problems all the time, right? You also want to know how they are going to represent you.


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