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I’m Getting a Job Offer . . . (VIDEO)


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers a question from someone where they are about to receive a job offer from a firm but prefer another job at that same firm.


The question is, "Should/can I ask for another position in a company during my final interview process upon a job offer?" The language is in great but it seems to translate into he or she is getting a job offer and it seemed like the not happy with his job and want to find out if they can ask about another job. At the same company.

My 1st reaction is you're kidding, right? How many interviews have you gone through and how many people's time have you wasted interviewing for a job that you're not interested in? Now some people have been coached, particularly very junior ones, into thinking that what they should be doing is get the offer and then they can finagle things.

Now if I were this employer, I would rescind any offer that I have extended for this person because you're obviously not ask interested in this job. If you've gone through 2, 3, 4 or maybe 5 interviews and now you want to talk about another job, why would they make you an offer for THIS JOB? All they would say is, "STOP. Let's evaluate you for this other job. They would bring other people into play for this original job and they're going to have a hard time trusting you because the reality is that you have not been trustworthy.

They been very clear about the job that they are trying to fill, and you haven't been trustworthy about what you are looking for. Now you pull this out last minute.

That's the fact. I hope you get clean about this with yourself and if you're not interested in this, stop the process and say, "Before use extend an offer to me, I would rather interview for another position."

They may respond by saying, "That's great. Have a great day and the good life." That's better than joining the firm and doing the job that you don't want.

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