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I’m 42 And Don’t Know What I Want to Do When I Grow Up (VIDEO)

A person wrote to me lamenting that they weren’t quite sure what to do at this stage in their career while at the same time earning something similar to what they’re earning now. Here, I offer advice about how to go about doing this.


I received a question from someone that basically indicated that they are 42 years old and don't know what they want to do next. I used the term, "Don't know want to be when they grow up," and needed help trying to figure it out.They continue by describing themselves as being a 15 year QA analyst in IT And they're not quite sure what to do while also while maintaining financial responsibility and integrity.

So it comes down to a question of, "What should I do next?" They talk about enjoying bowling and wondering if there is a career in bowling. I'll simply say that the smart thing to do Is to take 1 of the tests that helps people to evaluate career possibilities.

There is one that I recommend called CoreMAP and if you would like a referral to someone who administers the test, It will cost a few hundred dollars For the test and the post-test conversation that he does, email me at [email protected] And I will refer you to this person so that he can administer this test and one additional one That he is currently also in ministering at the sate same time. It will help you sort through some of the things that you have a particular aptitude for that you may not be particularly aware of at this point.

That is really the starting place for what to do. Then from there you continue on by talking to people from those professions so that there are no or fewer surprises for you. You see, most people go into fields blindly without much investigation. They go to school, they get a college degree and, in your case, maybe was a degree in computer science. Then they get funneled through the system by an institution Into a track for quality assurance testing . . . That was fine, but obviously this is not something you want to continue doing. Maybe it has run its course and you don't enjoy doing it anymore but now,, however, it is at this stage in life YOU want to be making conscious choices.

The 2nd part of your question involves the financial part – –It is rare that a person starts off in a new field (and I also want to point that you given given us no idea what your current financial compensation is) at the same compensation level. The $100,000-$250,000 person Discover is it is unlikely that they will find that next thing that will pay them at that level.

This 1 way to start is by figuring out how you can do this new field part time as a 2nd source of income, building it up so that you can then bridge into the new field.

Again,To do something new and to expect that someone is going to pay you what you are earning now . . . That is probably something unrealistic. There are exceptions to this, but it is probably unrealistic.

What you can do is (1) Start investigating after you take the test by speaking to people who you reach out to on LinkedIn who are doing the type of work that interests you, that the test might suggest to you and then, from there, looking to see what you can do part time as a side hustle to help develop the business and develop the skills so that a firm may want to hire you.

Or maybe you decide to go into business for yourself.

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For a referral to someone who administers the test I mentioned, email me at the address above.

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  1. I love the thumbnail! I can relate to the person in this video. Heck, I’m 45 and I never quite figured out what I want to do. Now my goal is to figure out how I can leave the corporate system by the age of 50. I have a website that I will monetize this month. Hopefully, I’ll have enough traffic on that site in the next 4.5 years to support a modest lifestyle. I will not last in the rat race until 65.

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