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I Have the Skills & Experience for the Job But Not Getting The Interview | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 724 Someone was perplexed that they didn’t get invited in for an interview, even though they had all the skills and experience for the job. I offer some ideas for why that may be happening.


The question for today is, "I have all the experience and skills required for the job and I'm not getting the interview. What's wrong?"

There are a few possibilities. I want to start off with an obvious one. You may think you have all the experience and skills needed to do a job but your resume doesn't say that. Thus, they don't know it. You are asserting it doesn't convince them. It's what's in the document that you are submitting to them that is the differentiator. Thus, unless it is in the resume, unless it is sufficient, they don't believe you. That's the 1st reason.

Number 2 is that you don't have enough of the experience. You've done it for 3 months and they are looking for 7 or 8 years. Sorry, you're not qualified so you don't have all the experience and you don't have all the skills.

That brings us to number 3. Your overestimating yourself and your knowledge and that comes across as, "I have one year of experience; they are looking for four. You think you have the skills and experience... But in their mind, you don't." After all, they have to live with the impact of your performance. They have figured out in their mind. What is needed to be successful in the job; you don't have it.

That leads to the last item. You have the experience. Like most job hunters whose resumes I've seen, or have seen, you are overestimating yourself and your capabilities. You may have taken a class in college or someplace else; that doesn't make you qualified. They're looking for someone with X numbers of years of experience doing that which you claim to be able to do.

Those are a few possible reasons for why your background is in getting you the interview.. In other words, you are acting like a job hunter. Overvaluing yourself, overestimating your capability and the company is shooting it down.

Sorry, it's a blunt message but an accurate one. These are the reasons why you might not be getting the interview.

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