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How to  Prepare for a Final Interview | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

How to Prepare for a Final Interview | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 673 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains the basics of how to prepare for a final interview.



I have done lots of videos about 1st and 2nd round interviews; today I want to do a show about final interviews.

In many respects, final interviews are very easy AND you know there's a certain amount of pressure because you're competing with someone else, despite the fact that you are told, "You are meeting with the director," or, "You are meeting the SVP. This is a formality." This is NOT a formality . Because, I can't tell you the number of times the people said stupid things on final interviews and cause themselves opportunities.

The 1st thing I want to remind you of is that this is NOT a formality. This is a real interview where you can screw things up and you need to win it.

The 2 basic things I encourage people to do is (1) relax and be a leader at the meeting. Be self-confident. It is all about attitude. My philosophy is that 1 of the things that firms are looking for is someone who can inspire confidence that they are of the solution. That's really about how you carry yourself and how you present yourself and your ideas. That's your presence. That's tip number 1.

Tip number 2 is tell your story so that is congruent with the 1st 2 times you been there. That should go without saying, but, again, it has to be said.

The final thing, more than anything is having some great questions to ask. You are meeting someone a level up from your boss. Think of it this way – – there when ever hear the name except if it is review time. If they hear your name other than that, normally is because you screwed up, and there is a problem. Your job is to do nothing that will cause them to think you could screw up and, if anything, inspire! A lot of that comes from intelligent questions.

One question to ask when he or she asks, "So do you have any questions for me?"

"What would you expect me to do over the 1st 90 days when I come on board? What problems will I need to address? What can I take off of everyone's plate that will allow me to hit the ground running?"

Normally they will talk with you about what their expectations of you are as you join. It's really the time. We want them to talk about you getting settled into the environment and getting acclimated to working with people there in a couple of basic tasks.

Here's the big one.

I've mentioned this in previous videos, but this is the perfect time to ask it. "So it is review time. It is a year from now or 6 months from now. Whatever is the organization is that it's going to be giving reviews. I haven't just done a good job… I've done a spectacular job. As a matter of fact the job I've done is in among the best if not the best that you have ever seen. What what I've done over the course of that year that would cause you to write such a review?" (

This does a few things.

(1) it gives you an idea as to whether or not they are going to be realistic with you. These are going to be performance measures that they are going to use to assess you and whether you are extraordinary or just average.
(2) it it gets them thinking that you are thinking about being extraordinary. That is a subtle thing when you're competing with other individuals will basically say things like, "tell me about the job. I want to know about the job." If anything, that is, to borrow the question. Talking about what you would have accomplished over the 1st year when you're on board that would cause them to write a review that you are the best person you've ever seen in this role, or amongst the best goes a long way toward helping you stand out.

Again, attitude, preparation, great questions, that's how you win a final interview

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