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How Do I Attract Recruiters to My LinkedIn Profile without . . . ?

How do I attract recruiters to my LinkedIn profile without my boss thinking I’m job hunting?

Audio on this is not perfect.  The content is. I hope you can tolerate it.


I was asked the question that I thought was really very good. People sometimes lose track of the importance of doing this so I thought I would do a video about it. The question is, "How do I attract recruiters to my LinkedIn profile without my boss taking them looking for a job?"

The question needs to be answered in 2 parts. I'm going to deal with the 2nd part first-- "without my boss becoming suspicious or thinking I'm looking for a new job. To answer this really starts off with your privacy settings. We start looking at changing your privacy settings, you want to make sure the people are not notified when you make a change to your profile.

You go to your LinkedIn homepage. There is a little picture of yourself for a little icon on the upper part of the page. You go to privacy settings and what you are looking for is dealing with an area where you are sharing profile edits. Next to it, you will see "change," and change it to, "no." This is about choosing whether you network is notified of your profile changes. Assuming your connected with your boss, this will prevent he or she from being notified of any profile changes which is usually a signal that someone is looking to change jobs.

The other part of your question was, "How do you make your profile sufficiently attractive so that recruiters want to contact you?"
That one is also easy.

For the field that you are in and the work that you do, you want to SEO and optimize your profile like you would a resume. Why would someone want to contact you? What skills do you have that would make someone want to reach out to you?

If you're not exactly sure, what I want you to do go to a site like Indeed, a site where job descriptions are aggregated. Search for positions that you might apply for. Look for 20 or 25 of them. Start looking for keywords for these jobs.

I want you to start thinking of patterns. If 15 of the jobs use particular language to describe what is being looked for in 5 don't, include the language that is used in the 15 jobs and then, from there, include some of the language from the other 5. The idea is that if recruiters are searching LinkedIn, they are using keywords to find people with particular skills.

From there, make it easy for recruiters to contact you. You do that by including your email address and phone number in the summary area of your profile. Say something like, "If you would like to reach me, contact me at…"

Again, to summarize my answer the question, use your privacy settings and turn off notifications to changes in your LinkedIn profile and then use keywords for job descriptions to improve your profile to use terms that recruiters are going to be using to find someone like you and then include your email address and phone number in the summary area of your profile.

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