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How Did You Prepare For This Interview?

How Did You Prepare for This Interview? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 650 WOW! This is one of the great questions that lets you open up to your future boss



Today's question is, "How did you prepare for this interview?"

This is an opportunity to sell yourself. Initially, pause to give yourself the ability to think about the question (or pretend that you are thinking about it."

"How did I prepare? There are so many things I did!" Start getting enthusiastic.

"I went on to anumber of your social media profiles, I started to do research into the firm . . . " and talk about some of things you learned.

You can show them a list of questions you created.

As important as what you say is, it is the excitement and energy you convey in answering that is just as important.

You don't want to say, "Well, I went to the firm's website," or "I looked it up on Wikipedia." They know your research is small if you say that.

If they get the idea that you did minimal preparation, their interest in you is going to be small.


NOTE: Production values are not ideal while Jeff waits for the return of his damaged laptop

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