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Hedge Fund Job Interview Questions | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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EP 802 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers the questions, “How would you fight a bear,” and, “How would you kill a giraffe?”


Today, I want to talk with you about 2 of the 2 of the tough interview questions I get asked on Wall Street by hedge funds, investment banks, and other organizations of people at different levels for different kinds of roles. Hedge funds, in particular, have a reputation for asking tough/obnoxious interview questions. Today, I thought I would start off with "the 2 animal questions."

The 1st 1 is, "How would you find a bear?" What this has to do with being an investment banker, I have no idea. However, I think symbolically, the question is so out of left field they want to watch on your face response and how your body responds to the stress of dealing with something that has nothing to do extensively with the job but has everything to do with them understanding your personality makeup.

The correct answer to how you would find a bear is climb up on the Bears back and grab it by the neck so that the pause couldn't get at you. It's pretty obvious; you wouldn't punch in the mouth, would you? You try to get on its back and find it. From that position where paws can get out you.

The 2nd 1 is, "How would you kill a giraffe?" Again, ostensibly it is a question is nothing to do with the job. However, it is so bizarre they want to watch how you think. The correct answer to that one is you try to get on the back, climb up the neck until your weight snaps the giraffes neck and takes it to the ground. Horrible death of giraffe.

The answer isn't in your answer; it is about how you appear to be processing the answer.

What you need to be doing is using a little bit of acting again. You might just simply pause, smile (these firms love arrogance) and go, "Great question! What I would do is..." And you go right into the answer.

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