Give Yourself a Break!

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There is a wonderful story about a dragon that was lost at birth and raised among farm animals. It ate grass and walked the fields like the others.

One day, an old dragon flew overhead, breathing fire and doing what dragons do . . . striking fear in the hearts of animals below. The domesticated dragon, seeing the old dragon above looked in the sky fascinated.

The old dragon, seeing  a young cousin below (all dragons are relatives, it seems), swooped down and took the young one in its jaws and flew high in the sky. The old dragon soon released the young dragon from its mouth and it fell to earth screaming because it had forgotten its true nature during its time living with farm animals.

Just before it would have been killed, the old dragon swooped down and caught him and again flew high into the sky and dropped him again. This happened several times until the young tame dragon spread his own wings and with a fiery road spread his wings and flew into the sky as his true self.

Many of us have become little more than pets for others having forgotten our true nature in the midst of our jobs and other responsibilities.

Sometimes, all we need is a short break to go off by ourselves to find our true nature. Doing this regularly is sometimes a challenge but I encourage you to take up this challenge and take a little time by yourself in solitude.

Going to the gym doesn’t count unless you haven’t been there for a year or more.

Have lunch by yourself in a quiet place.

Go to a movie by yourself.

Take that hike or walk you’ve been meaning to take.

Just practice at it until you can spread your wings and roar.



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