Everything Works in Job Hunting

I started in recruiting in 1972 (you know, the pre-Internet days) when looking for work involved answering newspaper ads, working with agents, “the old boy club,” networking groups and generic networking.

Prior to an interview, people would go to the library and look for information about the company they were interviewing with.

They mailed resumes to me (not even fax machines were available then) and we sent resumes to clients by messenger (all of our clients were local).

This was an era of file cabinets and index cards to track things, not data bases and I did pretty well helping people find work.

Today, people reply to ads on job boards, social network sites and Adwords and have forgotten that newspaper advertising exists, work with agents who recruit for companies nationally and internationally, not just locally (plus we offer full time, temp and contract to hire opportunities), use “the old boys club” AND “the women’s club” (I don’t have the nerve to say “old women’s club” or lady’s auxilliary”), networking groups, both in person and online, social networks, do generic networking, write articles, ebooks and blog as well as interview with publications in order to be found.

Oh! We now use Google to do our pre-interview research.

What works best?


There is no reason for you to have idle time in your job search day given the alternatives available to you to promote yourself.

Tired of reading want ads?

Go to a local Toastmaster’s meeting and pactice extemporaneous speaking.

Have a nagging thought of changing field? Find someone in that field using Google or LinkedIn, contact them and take them to lunch or coffee for an informational interview.

Is there a trade group you aer a member of that is holding a conference?

Go! Talk with the speakers and see if you can network with them.

Don’t make excuses. Get out there and do “stuff.” All of it can lead you to your next opportunity . . . or the one after that.

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