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Everyday Courage (VIDEO)

We have the idea that courage has to be big and dramatic. Every day courage can occur every day of our lives.



I wanted to talk with you today about courage and particularly everyday courage. Often people have this foolish notion that courage comes in big dramatic waves because they have seen movies or plays where there are moments in a person's life that are remarkably touching where they sacrifice so much by risking their lives, their families… Whatever the plot line is, we become addicted to this form of courage.

Courage has another definition. Courage has another definition that I will refer to as, "every day courage." This is the courage that says, "I'm stuck. I have to move from where I am now. I'm not happy. I need to make the change and extend myself out of the comfort zone."

That's the 1st step up – – extending yourself out of the comfort zone. Like a rubber band, it is elastic and, as that famous Godfather line says, "Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in." Often the real courage is when the elastic tries to suck you back into where you were. Often it's difficult to break free from where you've been to something new because everyone and everything around you is set up for you to be the way that you were.

So as someone said so wisely, environments will always win. So if you're someone enthusiastic and you are in a down depressing nasty environment, it's hard to be the way that you want to be because everything pushes you back to the way you were. I just use that as an example.

I think of every day courage as being steps that you can take to break free from your self-imposed limitations.

In the future, I will do videos about how to do this, but in the meantime, I just wanted to wake you up or alert you or remind you that there are opportunities in your day-to-day life to do something courageous and step away from the mundane and put conscious thought into making a new decision, getting support and, if for some reason, you struggle with keeping to it, getting help so that you don't fall back to where you were.

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