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Evaluating a Job Offer? | Job Search Radio

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses and it’s truly important criteria for evaluating a job offer.


To preface all of this, most people, when they are very young, are exuberant and enthusiastic. Somewhere along the line, it gets beaten out of them. Maybe it's the school system; maybe it's the notion that you should conform with societal expectations. I'm not a play therapist or social worker here. I was just simply say the notion of becoming extreme, of going for the gold of the gusto, going for being exceptional gets drilled out of most of us.

AND, for you, I want to remind you that your greatest success is going to come, not from being another cog in the wheel, not from being another cylinder in the engine, but from really driving things hard and be in an organization that respects those qualities that make you unique.

What do I mean by this?

As a job hunter, you get multiple offers (this is going to be about large firms.. After all, you work in a small group with a large firm) and you have an opportunity to work ... If you're going to be treated as though you're working at the 3rd desk in the 4th cube on the 7th floor in their headquarters building or in a remote outpost, it's very different than being on the line with someone who loves your passion and loves what you bring. Again, that's all about attitude. It's not about big company versus small company. You can have the same issue with a small firm.

For example, someone sent me a message asking whether he has anything to worry about. He is at a startup and they are trying to hire 2 people to work in his group and it hasn't been involved in the interviewing. Why would someone not involve someone on the team in the interviewing when with the small firm? I don't get it.

I will go to my answer. I'll just simply say, "if you are just treated as another object, as just another body that is occupying space that is expected to perform a task, if you are just expected to be a robot executing tasks, that is not a job for you." If you are expected to think and have your ideas really be valued, are you as an individual going to be valued for the creativity that you bring and how you can draw that out from the next employer, that's really the firm you should join.

Again, you just don't want to be another robot in an organization. You want to be seen as someone exceptional and have the opportunity to really thrive and have your ideas heard, respected, not always taken (after all, they won't always be taken), to be someone who is hired for their mind and for their ideas and not just simply because you can execute tasks.

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