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Dreaming (VIDEO)

Our dreams may be fleeting and you may think they are unnecessary but they are what make a difference.




Is a word that has popularity. It is a thought that has a romantic quality. It is within reach. Yet often we are too afraid to do it. We look at dreaming as being something unnecessary when It is what provokes your soul so much.

When I think of myself so often,, I think of myself as being a superb tactician In a lot of things.Often, when it comes time to think bigger, when it becomes time to revoke The vision that I have for myself, fewer starts to rule..

I'm scared of getting out front. Is that what has happened to you? That, I know, is what has happened to me. Yet I later on in life (that should be obvious looking at me. After all, you don't have this amount of gray unless you have weathered a few winters), And as I have entered this phase of life, the dreams can't be put on hold any longer.

I want to encourage you to not make the mistakes that I've made--Of putting on hold. The dreams that have meaning for you For fear that…

You have your own versions of fear. Mine are that I have nothing to say. I'm going to fail at it.. I'm not to be particularly good at it. Part of who I am, at least to myself is that I am remarkably competent..

You have your version of your dreams. Obviously I don't know what they are but I think it's worth taking time each day, Just for a few minutes,Take 3 minutes to start off withAnd think of what you dream of for your life.It can be about the material things, but, more importantly, in my mind,Are the things that really touch your soul., the things that really touch your heart

What is the legacy you want to leave of your life So that at the time of her passing you have no regrets.

Once you identify the dream, I want to encourage you to take action toward fulfilling it.It doesn't take a lot;; I'm not getting ask to change instantaneously.Once a week, once every other week, take a little time to move closer to the dream.

Go do it. Seriously, go do it. Put It in your calendar. Like I've said many times, a lifetime is not a long time. It's true. I'm 66 now and there are a lot more years behind me that there probably are in front of me.

Start dreaming. Make your dreams come true.

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