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Don’t Let Them Distract You | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 786 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discourages you know not to pay attention to employer BS and keep your eye on the prize.


You got to think of it like the Wizard of Oz-- don't look what's behind the curtain. Just pay attention to the big, powerful voice. Don't worry about what's behind the curtain.

Let me take you behind the curtain for second. One of the classic that employers try to do Is distract you into the job and focusing about the job, rather than the money. The probability is you are not a wealthy person. If you are this is not for you. You can click away now. The fact of the matter is that almost everyone who listens to the show is trying to improve themselves professionally. AND make more money.

When employers try to do is talk with you about how important what you are going to learn is, how important are going to be in the firm and give you a warm fuzzy feeling... And avoid the money conversation except to talk you down from what you really want. I want to remind you that money is incredibly important.

I've made this next point and other videos. If you get $5000 more over the course of 5 years, pretax between salary increases and raises That you will get over 5 years, you will be ahead by about $25,000 and $26,500 more than if you accept a lateral might be offered to you.

However, if what you do is get $10,0000 more, that is going to become $51,000 or $52,000 more.. If you get $15,000 more,, that becomes between $75,000 and $78000 in increased earnings..Change jobs before the 4th year In either of these scenarios you will have catapulted quite a bit more.

As far as I can tell, money should be important to you and shouldn't be lost from your equation of evaluating things. Don't focus on the deflection. You know, I'm I pretend to be the puppetmaster here… Talk to the hand while I completely hypnotize you with what I'm saying here and avoid the money.

Let me take a quick story. Someone came to me for coaching advice. We reviewed some of the decisions he made in the previous job search. I listen to a story and listen to his story and said to them, "You have made some mistakes."

"What kind of mistakes that I make?"

"You fell for the BS. Employers have trick you into focusing on the career opportunity and the same employers of the firms that laid you off when times get a little tough. When that have been better if you had a few thousand dollars more in your pocket then to be out of work for 4 months like you are now?"

Recognize that you have to look out for yourself. You have to look after your family. The employer isn't going to do that. The hiring manager that is telling you all this wonderful stuff may get fired, just like you at the time of the next economic crisis.

Pay attention to the money. I'm not saying to hold out and squeeze them and bleed them dry. Push up a little bit. Don't just accept the 1st offer. Try to do a little negotiating, see if you can up the money. Like I said, $5000 more over the course of 5 years is an extra $25,000 pretax. Let's say you're the highest tax bracket, that's an extra $12,500 or $13,000 In your pocket. Would you rather have that?

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked as a recruiter for what seems like one hundred years. His work involves life coaching, as well as executive job search coaching and business life coaching. He is the host of “Job Search Radio” and “No BS Job Search Advice Radio,” both available through iTunes and Stitcher.

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