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Does Posting Your Resume on Job Boards Actually Help My Job Search? (VIDEO)

Does Posting Your Resume on Job Boards Actually Help My Job Search? (VIDEO)

A viewer asks whether job boards will actually help their job search.


The question I received was a simple but elegant question. "Just posted my resume on job boards help the job search?" They use the example of Indeed and GlassDoor as the example of job boards and wonder if they can actually help them.

Many simply answer the question by saying, "Yes, it is helpful." But not to the degree to which you might hope it will be helpful. The statistics I see are pretty consistent. 7% of jobs are filled as a result of using a job board. 21% to 22% are filled by recruiters. Now I know the recruiter sometimes use job boards to get the people that they fill positions with so I do is combine both numbers and say the job boards and recruiters fill 30% of all positions.

That leaves 70% of all positions and how do they get filled. The answer is networking. Networking. Networking to people who you know who know other people that you don't know. The statistics on that are that 70% of the 70% or 49% are filled that way.

So let's be optimistic. 30% of positions are filled by job boards (let me let you in on a secret. It is not that high). 70% of filled as a result of networking. Where do you think you should be spending almost all of your time? The answer of course is networking.

Job boards are a resource that is overused by job hunters because of the convenience that they offer. After all, all you have to do is set up a search agent that delivers jobs to your inbox. That's wonderful! But they are delivered to a lot of people's inboxes and, as a result, you are swimming in a pond with a line of fish.

You want to be swimming in ponds where there aren't a lot of fish. Where you are identifying people who need to finish and you present yourself as one and the solution to a need that they have.

So, yes, will they help you with your job search? You bet they will!

But not as much as you hope.

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