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Do You Fit the Requirements of The Position? (VIDEO)


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains what they really mean when they asked this question and how to answer it.


I bet it was more tough interview questions... Another 1 of them.

I'm of the belief that we are called tough interview questions really aren't that hard. It's just that you are unprepared for them. I do them in an effort so that you have a chance to hear them in advance, get an idea 1 of the ways to answer the question and can practice before you actually go after an interview.

Today's tough interview question is, "Do you meet the requirements of the job?" What a joke! What they are really asking you is, "How do you meet the requirements of the job?" It may not be obvious to them or they are giving you an opportunity to sell yourself. Either way is fine. However, when you hear that question, basically respond by saying, "Yes," and then you start rattling off your experience as to how it relates to what they're looking for.

"As I recall, you are looking for someone who has (5 years of this, 6 years of that,). In point of fact, I have 7 years of such and such background, 12 years in the other area… And then you talk about some of the other assets you can bring into the job.

So, again, part of what you doing is demonstrating that you recall what it was that the job calls for, and then matching up your background against that in demonstrating the fit.

If they get 1 of those areas where your knowledge is not perfect, you address it by saying, "as I recall, you are looking for someone with 3 years of this; I have two. If you find that is a problem, I apologize and we can shake hands and move on. I do believe I have a strong background in this and that can demonstrate across the interview."

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